Album covers

Album covers, Dolce Vita chose to be the perfect destination for you in the precious moments. As from Italy, the land of beauty, the first step always begins. Our skilled craftsmen passionately handle the mission, providing you with a wide range of Italian albums covers by which your intimate moments deserve to be embraced. A touch of art distinguishes these eye-catching photo albums covers that would be, finally, available especially for the excellence lovers around the world in different sizes and luxurious designs. In a way that your memories album, baby album, wedding album, or graduation photo book will live as a nonesuch masterpiece. | Dolce Vita Digital Albums 


Italian covers available in size 30x30/35X35/30X40 CM and it can be matched with box or bag .

Personalized covers

Its customized album covers available in sizes: 20x15/20x20/20x30/25x25/30x30/35x35/30x40 cm , covered by Italian materials: (velvet/linen/ leatherate/photo) , colors shown as options.